PC/Mac Related Services

Business Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM Monday – Friday
Weekend Hours: By Appointment Only Emergency after hour issues may be billed at a higher rate

Remote Services By far the easiest way to get up and running. We can setup a remote connection and I can fix your computer for any minor or sometimes major issues as long as there is a working internet connection.

  • Remote Flat Rate for (General Cleanup & Malware/Bloatware/Virus removal Causing Slow Speeds) $35.00*
  • Remote Troubleshooting/Other Issues: $32.50 per ½ Hour** (of actual time spent on issue) *If it is a serious virus that requires further work or on a business network, it may require a visit or rebuild. **This may accumulate over time for the occasional 5 or 15 minute sessions. Please be aware that there are a few phone scams going around, so if anyone calls or emails claiming to be from Microsoft or anyone else saying you have virus on your computer, do not believe them or give them any information. Only allow remote connections from people you know and trust! This scam has been going on for a few years now and they will sound as official as possible stating public record information about you.

Business Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM Monday – Friday

Weekend Hours: By Appointment Only Emergency after hour issues may be billed at a higher rate [Continue to Page 2 for repair pricing & Page 3 for website services]

On Call Services to Residential / Small Business

  • House/Business Service Call Charge: $35 This is a charge for all trips made in addition to work rates. Repeating visits for same issue may not be any additional cost. Additional cost may be charged for outside of the NW Zionsville Area.
  • General Rate: $65/hour Everything else will most likely fall under this pricing tier if it is not listed elsewhere as a flat rate.
  • New Computer Install: $100 (includes data transfer, email, printers, software, etc.)
  • OS/Software Rebuild: $100 This involves backing up your data, reinstalling the operating system & application and connecting you back up to your printer(s) and internet. Valid license key required.
  • Virus/Malware Removal: $60 If the virus has done extensive damage a Rebuild will be the best way to go
  • New Hardware/Printer/Router install: $50 (memory, hard drives, etc.)
  • Data Recovery: This varies depending on how much is lost and if physically damaged
  • Laptop Screen Replacement: $55 + Parts (screens can go for around $65)
  • Emergency, Weekend (non-appointments) or After Hours: $125/h

Business Network Services

  • Business Servers or Network Solutions: $100-$125/h



Web Related Services

Websites A must for any business to have an online presence even if it is a map and contact information. I can create a new one for you to manage, create a custom one from scratch or update an older one. Search results are weighing more and more on handheld/mobile friendly websites as people use their devices for browsing and shopping more often than their standalone computer. Additional costs to 3rd party services will often be needed for hosting services, templates, domain names or credit card services.

  • Template Site (i.e. WordPress or CMS Sites): $75-$100 per page depending on the complexity. This is a common way to go that will allow you to edit your own posts and pages with a small learning curve. Templates can be free or be priced from $12 to $250. The average template cost a onetime fee of around $60. The CMS (Content Management System) is free to download and takes less than 30 minutes to install to your host.
  • Custom, e-commerce or Recreating old website: Please call or email to discuss, as this varies greatly depending on need and scalability.


Ongoing Contracts for Website changes

  • Please contact me as pricing will have to be tailored to your needs and hours needed per month.

Website Management for changes

  • I often make minor changes ranging from weekly to once or twice a year. Most of the time these cost will be billed at $65/hour. Although, many issues may only require a 5-15 minutes to fix.

Website Marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

  • This can be a tricky area to navigate around as algorithms often change. I will be having some basic SEO packages if your business is new to the web. #1 ranking on google is not something anyone can guarantee, it is good to dismiss any business that claims that promise and ability, however there are many standard tasks that should be done to ensure you are getting your name out there in social media, organically and/or through paid ads. The basics are usually setup with a new website.
  • Results can really depend on the competition and may take a few months if you are just starting from scratch. It is good to have a weekly budget set aside for paid search engine marketing such as AdWords if you are really desiring first page exposure as soon as possible. Pricing will also depend on if you want to personally write posts on social media and blogs or want to monitor and adjust the paid campaigns yourself. Contact me for a better understanding of what would be the best path for your business.